Repurposed Drawer to Decorative Shelf

Decorative drawer shelf

Love, love, love, giving old things new life so when a customer contacted me to see if I was able to make a couple of decorative shelves from dresser drawers I couldn’t wait! I looked in my stock and found two drawers that matched closely to the measurements the customer wanted and began to work.

This is the inspiration photo that the customer sent me:

Drawer Shelf Inspiration Photo


These are the two drawers that I picked to transform. I started by removing the hardware and cleaning the drawers with a damp cloth and then drying them right away. I used my Ryobi Palm Sander to sand the finish off the front of the drawers and to rough up the sides a little so that the paint would adhere to the drawers better.

drawers before photo

The customer wanted the drawers to be painted with a light and dark gray so I picked a black and white floral contact paper for the inside and two beautiful white porcelain rose drawer pulls. I found the contact paper on Amazon and it’s perfect! The drawer pulls I found on Etsy at an amazing store called Prettyware.

I started with the lighter gray first to cover the front and sides of each drawer. I let the paint dry overnight and then used painters tape to tape off the edges of the sides to paint the inside of each drawer the darker gray.

Once the paint was completely dry, I measured and cut the contact paper to fit inside each drawer. Each drawer wa just slightly different so the paper had to be cut according to the individual measurements. Although the contact paper had an adhesive already on it, I used a spray adhesive for added stick to ensure that the contact paper would not come up.

I added the rose drawer pulls and with my grinder cut the length down so that they would not stick too far out inside the drawer.

I choose not to add any hanging hardware as I wanted to leave the options more open for the customer.

They turned out BEAUTIFUL!