Pallet Shelves

A wonderful customer of mine contacted me and asked me to build a pallet shelf for her granddaughters room as well as one for her son’s bathroom.  These are the requested color schemes:

For the bathroom shelf

Granddaughters bedroom

The shelf for her granddaughters room had to have shelves wide enough to hold ceramic statues. Each year, my customer purchases a new ceramic doll for her granddaughter on her birthday. To accommodate the statues the shelves had to be at least 4.5 inches wide and I placed trim on the edges to create a small lip to prevent them from falling off. To ensure that each shelf has enough support with the required width, I cut some small wedges from some of the left over wood to add brackets.


The picture shown here is just to figure out my placement of the shelves. I do not attach the shelves until after I have painted the back boards. This makes it much easier to get the paint on even and to sand the pieces of reclaimed wood for that “weathered” look. I will also send a picture to the customer at this point to ensure that the size, shape, and placement/layout is to their liking. The customer loved it!


Once I had approval from the customer to move forward, I painted the pieces of wood and secured the shelves. I also painted the entire back of the shelves white and placed hardware so that the customer could hang the shelf.

The bathroom shelf was made from reclaimed pallet wood and painted to match the color scheme that the customer requested.

I love this cute small shelf!! I opted to use only two colors on this shelf to provide the customer more flexibility if she decides to makeover her bathroom anytime in the future. She loves pink so incorporating pink in the final color scheme was a must!!

When my customer picked these up I wasn’t sure who was more excited….her for seeing them in person or me for seeing her face when she first saw them!

She LOVED them both!!








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