Beautiful Thermostat Cover

Ever thought about placing a decorative cover over your thermostat? Well, we had a request to create one and the design all started with a chain email! Our customer receive a beautiful story and picture of a painted feather that she wanted to incorporate into the design. They are an extremely patriotic family with a military background so the American Flag is very important to them. This is what we came up with…

The size of this piece is 17 inch x 16 inch . I wanted it to look  a little old so I stained the wood and then took pieces of painters tape that I had loosing ripped in half and placed it around the edge of the wood to create a “border”. I used white chalk paint to paint the background for my words. The tehnique I used to get an almost translucent look was to just dip the paint brush into the pain slightly and then slightly in to water. Once that was complete I painted the feather on the “page”. This was not as big of a challenge as I thought it would be. This was my first time to paint an image on a painted feather! I think it turned out really well!

Then using a stencil, I painted on the words of the story and the Psalm. This was a little tricky and I found out that my eyes are not as good as I thought!! We ha to take all the small center pieces of the letters, O, E, A, B, D…and so on. LL

Next I cut the frame out of reclaimed pallet wood and painted it a crisp white to help the stain really stand out. I wanted the frame itself to just peek out above the stained wood but the majority remaining open on the back side to allow room for the thermostat.

In order for the customer to easily access her thermostat, we added a hinge on the frame so that she could simply lift the piece up to adjust her thermostat.


The thermostat cover is in place and is just BEAUTIFUL!! And more importantly – the customer LOVES IT!!