Amazing TV Entertainment Center!

Here’s another first! Our customer saw this picture on a popular TV show and decided to use it as an inspiration for her own unique entertainment center. She paused the show, took a picture, and sent it to us to start planning.

Inspiration photo taken from HGTV Good Bones

It’s been almost three years since we originally built an entertainment center for this customer using bracket shelves and pre-fab cabinets. It turned out amazing as well but the homeowner is redesigning her entire living room, dining room, and kitchen areas so it’s time for an upgrade!

To save the home owner money, she opted to use the existing cabinets from our first build.

Both sides of the TV are mirrored so we measured the pieces and cut 4 each of the shelves and upright triangle pieces.

We cut all of the pieces at our shop and then loaded them up to take everything to the customer’s house. It would be easier to transport it and assemble it at her home.

We wanted to make it appear as if the cabinets were built into the entertainment center so we attached the side walls directly to the cabinets.

Then we started to place all of our cut pieces of wood and making sure that they are all level. We also wanted to make sure that both sides of the TV were identical.

Done with the build!

Our customer had another friend come in, seal and paint the entire unit.