Welcome to Mi Amor!

Mi Amor  (My Love) is everything creative, unique, and inspiring!

And inspiration is everywhere -

you just have to take a moment, open your eyes, and let it in.


Although much of my inspiration and creativity comes from my surroundings - nature, traveling, family, friends, music, art, and all things colorful - I find that my biggest motivation is having the challenge to make something amazing from nothing or from items once considered useless or "trash". (Our Hall Tree project is a perfect example of this!)

I am also a obsessed do-it-yourselfer! From special events to home decor - my philosophy has always been "why buy it if I can make it".  And being on a tight budget off and on thru the years also made this philosophy a must for my family and I.

In the beginning, my journey began with small arts and crafts projects but it has quickly moved to using big things like power tools! Yep, I said it....POWER TOOLS! I do have to admit I was a little nervous at first but after a few helpful tips from my hubby (ok, and some goof ups and laughs) I have become a pretty decent handygirl! 🙂 So having said that I have to say, do not let your fear or doubts stop you from trying because if I can do it...anyone can!!

I created this website as a place to share our journey of transforming our house into Our Happy Place on a small budget and to share helpful tips and ideas for many DIY projects, crafts, event planning, and much more (even the occasional random thought). I will share not only the successes with you but also share the things that did not work in hopes that it helps you find success more often the first time!

My goal is to post at least 1-2 times per week but don't worry about missing anything, you can enter your email address to subscribe to get all of my posts delivered right to your inbox!

I hope that you follow along with our journey and that you are able to get some inspiration to create projects reflecting your style and create your Own Happy Place!